An Easy Guide to Insurance that you Should Have

Insurance is important; both Life Insurance and burial insurance. Above all else however, be absolutely sure that you have a lawyer draw up a will. Without a will there’s no telling where your estate will end up.

Life Insurance

How much Life Insurance you have depends upon what it will be needed for after your death. Be sure that there is enough to pay any bills or debts that you have incurred as well as enough to cover funeral expenses that your family may have to pay for with a credit card or by dipping into savings. , procuring a Life Insurance policy that will leave them in a comfortable position is a great idea. If medical bills will keep coming even after your death, and trust me they do, be sure that there is enough money to cover those as well. And if you’re concerned about supporting the person or persons you leave behind, and can afford it, it will be much appreciated later on. Whether your benefactors use it for education purposes or just to live off of, it can ease the burden of grief and loss, just a little bit.

Funeral Insurance

Again I can’t stress enough that you must be sure that you have a will on file with an attorney or stored somewhere safe. Make sure that your funeral insurance will be of an ample amount to cover your final wishes. More and more people are turning to preplanned funerals than ever before. They can even be paid for in advance. This will take a large part of the burden off of those left behind to wrap up loose ends, and simple funeral insurance can pay for your funeral expenses if they have not already been paid by pre-planning.

Last time I promise… Be sure that you have a legal will! No matter what your age.

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